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The Spritzler Report

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Long commutes? Cities become obsolete?

If you had the option to go into the office two or three days a week (vs five) would you consider moving to the suburbs? Lower crime,...

Trump raises big cash after verdict?

As I said the real winner of the Stormy Daniels trial may be the Dark Lord who will spin the legal hijinks to his advantage. It plays...

Who's got the largest armies? The US?

Hey, you know what I noticed here? Russia's army is almost twice the size of ours, the EU nations & the Ukraine don't make the cut and...

Those Saudis keep raking it in!

Sheik Yerbouti: One of Frank Zappa's best albums! Yesterday, Saudi Arabia’s government began selling some of its shares in...

What the f-ck is going on in Mexico?

Mexico After AMLO: A One-Party State? For six years, other institutions have limited the socialist president’s damage. By Mary Anastasia...

Chart R: What people care about most?

Nobody dishes out the big data like the Spritzler Report. This is like Heroin baby! Interesting that despite all the woke talk about BLM...

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