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How Tesla’s Cybertruck Compares With Other Pickups

The Rivian looks pretty interesting when you compare the battle of the tape!

Sadly (at least for Rivian) a buddy of mine had the op to drive one. "Rides like a 60s era pickup truck, harsh ride, uncomfortable bench seats..not impressed". Also not sure how the company will fare or if they'll be able to service their vehicles. As for the Big Three...they've got a steep climb ahead to stay in the EV business.

How Tesla’s Cybertruck Compares With Other Pickups

Elon Musk’s long-awaited electric truck hits the road. See how it stacks up on price, speed and more.

Height: 5 feet, 10.5 inches

Length: 18 feet, 7.7 inches

Shatter-resistant glass

Stainless-steel exterior

By Nate Rattner and Rebecca Elliott, WSJ

Dec. 1, 2023 11:02 am ET

AUSTIN, Texas—Tesla’s TSLA -0.52%decrease; red down pointing triangle long-awaited Cybertruck has hit the road, but how does it compare with its rivals?

With the unusual, stainless-steel pickup, Tesla is aiming to tap into demand from consumers who want a head-turner that is quick and capable of towing cargo or taking a beating off-road.

“What we have here is something that is a better truck than a truck while also being a better sports car than a sports car, in the same package,” Chief Executive Elon Musk said Thursday, speaking at an Austin-area event to mark the start of sales.

With a starting price of around $61,000, Tesla’s Cybertruck is listed in a similar ballpark as other battery-powered pickup trucks. However, the least-expensive configuration won’t be available until 2025, Tesla has said.

Configurations expected to be available next year include an all-wheel-drive version that starts just below $80,000, meaning buyers may be eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit. A high-end version, called the Cyberbeast, costs nearly $100,000 and should be available for delivery in 2024, according to Tesla’s website.

The Cybertruck’s more readily available configurations are in a similar price range as Rivian Automotive’s R1T electric truck—and much more expensive than many popular gas-powered pickups.

Tesla made a splash in 2019 when it said the top-of-the-line Cybertruck would be able to travel 500 miles or more on a single charge.

The pickup Tesla is bringing to market falls short of that, with ranges comparable to those for its most popular vehicle, the Model Y crossover.

The cybertruck is quick. Very quick.

Its towing capacity is on par with that of Rivian’s R1T. However, the Cybertruck falls short in this category compared with many gas-powered pickups.

The truck spent an unusually long time in the pipeline, partly because it relies on new technologies, including battery cells made in-house and a stainless steel exterior.

Ramping up output is expected to be an arduous process as well. The company aims to make around 250,000 Cybertrucks a year, but Musk has said it is unlikely to reach that level of output before 2025.

And so, with more than one million reservation-holders in line for the sci-fi-inspired truck, according to Musk, the wait continues for many customers.

Source: the companies

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