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The fatal flaw in public education.

Ironic most other affluent nations give almost all families school choice (like Charter schools). Not here. In many parts of the US,...

Iran’s Brisk Walk to a Nuclear Bomb

Instead of bombing the sheet out of 2 million mostly innocent people (half of which are children) & not getting rid of Hamas, I'd...

Trump mocks Deniro rant at his trial.

You can't make this stuff up! Trump mocks ‘wacko’ Robert De Niro after actor’s Biden campaign press conference in NYC: ‘So pathetic and...

Snitz gets you ripped on Ozempic

In the 1960s approx. 11% of the US population was classified as obese. Today that number has ballooned to almost 45%. The CDC recently...

Zeihan final speaks about Gaza

Very well presented. Whatever you may think of the people involved, one thing's crystal clear: Israel's offensive isn't working, has no...

Warren Buffett is a fricken genius! Not?

OMG how innovative! What wonderful diversification! What fantastic performance! Hey wait a minute? Berkshire has underperformed the S&P...

Just how profitable is Nvidia?

I knew I should have gone into something other than whatever the f-ck it is that I do right now! Nvidia is Worth More Than All of These...

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